Other Intimacies is a new independently published book by London-based artist Anna Sampson, which explores the boundaries of erotica as a genre, reclaiming it from the oppressive heritage of the male gaze prevalent in the 20th century. It also shines a spotlight on the themes which largely remain in the shadows in contemporary society: queer desire and intimacy, subversive exploration of gender, the politics of sexual autonomy, sex work and the unapologetic, embodied exploration of self.

Other Intimacies is the reflection of Sampson’s life within the queer and sex workers’ communities, as well as the development of her artistic practice over the last 8 years. The book reflects her lasting commitment to portraiture, darkroom processes and platforming radical, and frequently othered, beauty. She has chosen the highest-quality materials and finishings for this fine-art-book-object, to further intensify this celebratory space of (queer) desire.

The book opens with Sampson’s Manifesto, which details the cultural lineage of Other Intimacies in the present climate of sex negativity and censorship. The book is then divided into three parts, Performance, Intimacy and Resistance, with written contributions from Vex Ashley, Max Disgrace, Anastasiia Fedorova, and an Epilogue by Jay They Stallion. Additionally, this book also includes an endorsement from iconic photographic artist Ajamu X.

Launched in collaboration with The Hayward Gallery, London on 4th July 2024.

Find full press release at www.anna-sampson.com

Artbook spec:
Other Intimacies, published by RAW (2024)
203 x 254 mm
Printed using lithography.
Hardbound in cloth, thread-sewn.
Gold foil on front cover, spine and chapter headings.
Tip-on image onto the front cover.
Magno volume 170gsm; gloss spot varnish on images
204 pages, 101 images.
Limited edition run of 300 copies.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Book Design: Raissa Pardini